Tasting: Kilbeggan – Kilbeggan Black

KilbegganKilbeggan BlackBeam Suntory ABV: 40.0%Country: Rep. of IrelandStyle: BlendedPrice per bottle: €19.99Availability: Travel Retail Phoebe Calver – 7.6 Nose: Stewed apples covered in brown sugar with a dollop of vanilla custard. Stacked hay bales, a hint of dairy farm, coconut shavings and figs.Palate: Delicate at first, with a hint of

Tasting: Mount Gay – XO

Mount GayXORémy Cointreau ABV: 43.0%Country: BarbadosStyle: BlendedPrice per bottle: GB£37.00Availability: Travel Retail Peter Holland – 9.5 Nose: Juicy, tart, honied oak. Orange peel and chewy honeycomb. Pineapple, and gentle notes of cinnamon and cardamom. Palate: Zesty orange and ripe pineapple. Dried coconut and gentle baking spices.Finish: A lovely grip of sweet

Tasting: Bloom – London Dry Gin

BloomLondon Dry GinG&J Distillery ABV: 40.0%Country: EnglandStyle: London DryPrice per bottle: GB£25.00Availability: Travel Retail Bethany Whymark – 8.5 Nose: Zesty lemon and hints of fennel and dill. Bright juniper notes and of sweet spice, with a hint of gingernut biscuit.Palate: It’s sweet, smooth and spicy, like brandy snaps with vanilla

Tasting: Adriatico – Amaretto Bianco

AdriaticoAmaretto BiancoBellaventura S.A. ABV: 16.0%Country: ItalyStyle: Nut LiqueurPrice per bottle: US$25.00Availability: Travel Retail Bethany Whymark – 8.6 Nose: There’s no mistaking this as almond! It’s heady with notes of rich marzipan, along with frangipane tart and a hint of plum stone.Palate: The almond notes are not quite as bombastic as

Tasting: Oxley – London Dry Gin

OxleyLondon Dry GinOxley ABV: 47.0%Country: EnglandStyle: London DryPrice per bottle: GB£33.79Availability: Travel Retail Bethany Whymark – 8.2 Nose: Green and leafy. Stalky coriander, lemongrass and pine. Delicate lemon peel. Elderflower cordial and a touch of white peach.Palate: More green juniper and coriander notes, with an umami hint of soy sauce

Tasting: Johnnie Walker – Blue Label

Johnnie WalkerBlue LabelDiageo ABV: 40.0%Country: ScotlandStyle: BlendedPrice per bottle: £30.00Availability: Travel Retail Phoebe Calver – 8.2 Nose: A breakfast buffet of blackcurrant-covered pastries, a little ginger spice, sandalwood box and orange zest.Palate: Very different here, getting dark and rich. Hints of tiramisu, with lots of creamy dark chocolate, some oaky spice

Tasting: Whitley Neill – Connoisseur’s Cut

Whitley NeillConnoisseur’s CutHalewood Artisanal Spirits ABV: 47.0%Country: EnglandStyle: London DryPrice per bottle: GB£30.00Availability: Travel Retail Bethany Whymark – 8.4 Nose: Prominent spicy aroma with black pepper, nutmeg, cubeb and coriander. Sweet ginger, like stem ginger biscuits, with orange citrus and oily juniper notes.Palate: Still spicy with some sweet baking spice

Tasting: Tarquin’s – Figgy Pudding Gin

Tarquin’sFiggy Pudding GinSouthwestern Distillery ABV: 42.0%Country: EnglandStyle: FlavouredPrice per bottle: GB£36.00Availability: Travel Retail Bethany Whymark – 8.5 Nose: Buttery toffees and crème caramel. Steamed syrup sponge pudding, lemon zest, and a little sweet milky coffee. Freshly planed oak. Stewed plums and plump raisins.Palate: Sherry-soaked raisins, and a hint of black

Tasting: Whitley Neill – Rhubarb & Ginger

Whitley NeillRhubarb & GingerHalewood Artisanal Spirits ABV: 43.0%Country: EnglandStyle: FlavouredPrice per bottle: GB£26.00Availability: Travel Retail Bethany Whymark – 7.8 Nose: Pineapple foam sweets and nectarines with yoghurt. A peachy sweetness like Refreshers. A hint of crème anglaise. Some darker hints of blackberry.Palate: Blackcurrant jam tarts, with the pastry slightly caught

Tasting: Mount Gay – Black Barrel

Mount GayBlack BarrelRémy Cointreau ABV: 43.0%Country: BarbadosStyle: BlendedPrice per bottle: GB£55.00Availability: Travel Retail Peter Holland – 9.3 Nose: Nutty and herbaceous. Dried coconut, along with raisins, dates, and a nice hint of ginger biscuits.Palate: Lovely texture. It’s rich, and packed full of dried stone fruits and molasses. More ginger biscuits