Method and Madness Rye & Malt

Method and Madness
Rye & Malt
Irish Distillers

ABV: 46.0%
Country: Rep. of Ireland
Style: Single Grain
Price per bottle: GB£96.00
Availability: Travel Retail (Dublin)

Phoebe Calver – 7.7

Nose: Thick-cut marmalade spread on toasted rye bread, then there’s a light vanilla creaminess, with some heather honey and peppermint. 
Palate: It all gets richer, with dark chocolate, more of that vanilla, orange zest and Christmas cake spice and fruit. 
Finish: The festive spice and dark chocolate continue.
Comments: Very approachable and pretty fun to be around.

Christopher Coates – 7.2

Nose: Cut grass, wet waxed canvas and daffodil, with icing sugar and white chocolate. Apple flan, lemon oil and sweet egg tart.
Palate: Light bodied. Sweet vanilla custard over apple flan, with a touch of prickly ginger heat. A little hot milk with honey. Milk chocolate, too.
Finish: Short and a little hot, on rice paper and green apple.
Comments: A serviceable and knock-backable single grain.

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