Kilbeggan Black

Kilbeggan Black
Beam Suntory

ABV: 40.0%
Country: Rep. of Ireland
Style: Blended
Price per bottle: €19.99
Availability: Travel Retail

Phoebe Calver – 7.6

Nose: Stewed apples covered in brown sugar with a dollop of vanilla custard. Stacked hay bales, a hint of dairy farm, coconut shavings and figs.
Palate: Delicate at first, with a hint of almond oil, toasted brioche and cloves. Warm prunes, cinnamon pastry and struck matches. 
Finish: Notes of sweet allspice and slightly burnt almond linger.
Comments: It’s very hot for the ABV – potentially could do with a little more time to develop those richer notes and calm the heat.

Christopher Coates – 7.7

Nose: Traditional unflavoured ice cream. Green peppers, cantaloupe and pink grapefruit. Almost hoppy. Honey water, vanilla bean and pear drop.
Palate: Very light, with dominant vanilla. The pink grapefruit makes it to the palate, with a little caramel sauce, blueberry and candied pecan. Poached pear.
Finish: Short, with blueberry and peach.
Comments: Not winning awards for complexity, but really very tasty and quite moreish. Well balanced, too.

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