Mount Gay Black Barrel

Mount Gay
Black Barrel
Rémy Cointreau

ABV: 43.0%
Country: Barbados
Style: Blended
Price per bottle: GB£55.00
Availability: Travel Retail

Peter Holland – 9.3

Nose: Nutty and herbaceous. Dried coconut, along with raisins, dates, and a nice hint of ginger biscuits.
Palate: Lovely texture. It’s rich, and packed full of dried stone fruits and molasses. More ginger biscuits and honeycomb.
Finish: Ginger biscuits. Dry and a little bitter in the end.
Comments: Rich and complex. An engaging sip, and one I think many folks would enjoy.

David T. Smith – 8.1

Nose: Dry caramel waffle and lightly tannic grape notes, with spun sugar. 
Taste: Creamy notes of vanilla and coffee, like a freshly made cappuccino, that develop into flavours of dry roasted nuts, milk chocolate, and a dash of chai tea.
Finish: Crunchy ginger cookies with vanilla ice cream and a clean, warm glow from the alcohol.
Comments: An elegant rum that is easy to enjoy on its own.

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