Molly Malone Small Batch blended Irish whiskey

Molly Malone
Small Batch
The Molly Malone Whiskey Company

ABV: 40.0%
Country: Rep. of Ireland
Style: Blended
Price per bottle: $40.00
Availability: Travel Retail

Phoebe Calver – 8.0

Nose: A slight hint of acetone, then pear drops and vanilla custard, red berry compote and icing sugar on top of brioche French toast and physalis fruit.
Palate: Some herbal heather honey creeping in, followed by a drizzle of maple syrup and toasted rye bread. More red berries and a dusting of ginger.
Finish: Relatively nutty, with some pecan, maple syrup and ginger spice lingering. Just a hint of sage.
Comments: The palate takes a little while to come to life, but when it does it’s warming and full of character.

Christopher Coates – 7.3

Nose: A bit of nail polish remover. Then pencil shavings, milk cookies, some green apple and grassy aromas. Honey water, too.
Palate: Light. Vanilla syrup, blossom honey, and some apple cordial. Subtle pear drop.
Finish: Medium, on vanilla then some sweet red apple.
Comments: Very simple, grain whiskey-led, and a touch spiritous. But pleasant enough.

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