Don Papa Rum 7 Years Old

Don Papa Rum
7 Years Old
Bleeding Heart Rum Company

ABV: 40.0%
Country: Philippines
Style: Aged
Price per bottle: GB£32.00
Availability: Travel Retail

Bethany Whymark – 7.8

Nose: Rich, buttery caramel and peach-flavoured foam sweets. Demerara sugar, pineapple rings and fresh vanilla pods. A touch of sarsaparilla.
Palate: A root beer float with vanilla ice cream. Cinnamon, star anise, and a citrussy hit from fresh lemon wedges. 
Finish: Fades on pale caramel, lemon peel and more of that root beer.
Comments: For those who like their rums on the sweeter side. I think it would make a cracking Rum Toddy.

Phoebe Calver – 8.1

Nose: Sweet vanilla custard, followed by orange marmalade, sugar-covered strawberries, then dark fruit cake, with thin flakes of almonds.
Palate: The strawberries become more like Angel Delight, followed by rich caramel sauce, dark chocolate with flakes of chilli and vanilla cream. 
Finish: Lingers with toffee pennies and a hint of that strawberry sweetness. 
Comments: A whole lot of sweet deliciousness – I’d enjoy this with ginger ale, nice and tall. 

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