Adriatico Amaretto Bianco

Amaretto Bianco
Bellaventura S.A.

ABV: 16.0%
Country: Italy
Style: Nut Liqueur
Price per bottle: US$25.00
Availability: Travel Retail

Bethany Whymark – 8.6

Nose: There’s no mistaking this as almond! It’s heady with notes of rich marzipan, along with frangipane tart and a hint of plum stone.
Palate: The almond notes are not quite as bombastic as the nose. It’s more like sipping a latte with almond syrup while eating a slice of nutty pear tart. It’s lusciously creamy.
Finish: Lingering sweet pastry and frangipane notes, without any cloying texture.
Comments: This creamy delight would make a lovely addition to an affogato.

Phoebe Calver – 8.3

Nose: Like a room full of freshly baked Bakewell tarts: almond paste, icing sugar and sweet, slightly artificial cherries. 
Palate: Soft vanilla shortbread appears here, followed by almond flakes, cherries, thin layers of pastry and a drizzle of cream.  
Finish: The sweet almonds really linger with you here.  
Comments: It knows what it is and it sticks to it – really fruity and packed full of character. Perfect for those who love a bit of a sweet treat! 

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