The international loyalty programme, Heinemann & Me has now become available to passengers at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Each passenger travelling through the Russian airport can benefit from the advantages of being part of the international Heinemann & Me customer loyalty programme. Members are able to collect points at all locations participating in the programme, as well as redeeming coupons and enjoying exclusive benefits.

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This move has served as an important step for the app in incorporating the Eastern European market consumers, with all of the shops at Russia’s largest airport being operated under the joint venture between Gebr. Heinemann, Greenway and the airport operating company; this is collectively named Sheremetyevo Duty Free.

With this launch from Gebr. Heinemann, the three arms of this venture have strengthened their customer-focussed partnership: “We are delighted that, with our local partners, we will now be integrating our Russian customers into the ‘Heinemann & Me’ world of advantages. This allows us to directly address what for us is a very important target group,” said Oleg Zhytomyrsky, director sales Eastern Europe & Central Asia at Gebr. Heinemann.

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Denis Gusev, deputy director general for commercial affairs at Sheremetyevo Duty Free added: “The introduction of ‘Heinemann & Me’ strengthens our retail brand and expands the shopping experience of the more than 50 million travellers who currently use Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport each year. Our loyalty programme gives us the opportunity to make even better use of this potential.”

The Heinemann & Me app is in a phase of continuous adjustment and further development to enhance the existing shopping experience for the customer, both on and offline.

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Head of brand and customer communication at Gebr. Heinemann, Anja Zettel explained: “The app ensures that the customers have all the advantages at hand in an instant and are able to manage their membership even more conveniently. Furthermore, we can address them in a more targeted manner and, during their entire customer journey from start to end, provide them with offers tailored to their preferences.”


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