Tobermory Distillery, famed for its whisky and situated on the Isle of Mull, has turned its hand to gin production and launched Tobermory Hebridean Gin.

The only distillery on the colourful Isle of Mull, it is the first time the distillery has produced gin in its history. The Isle of Mull is the second largest of the Inner Hebrides, located off the west of Scotland and the gin has been created with the distillery’s history and location in mind.

Gin 43.3[2]

A splash of spirit from the Tobermory whisky stills is added to the base spirit, while a pinch of Hebridean tea, grown locally, is also including among the 13 botanicals. Each is steeped in the base spirit for at least 24 hours to create an 43.3% ABV gin, with a fruity character.

Stephen Woodcock, distillery manager at Tobermory Distillery says: “Tobermory Gin is the first established single malt distillery to use their name on a gin. Using a splash of spirit from our famous whisky stills, along with a mix of botanicals, some hand-foraged on the island, Tobermory Gin really is something different.”

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